Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CSG #21: Broncos vs Chiefs showdown, Nuggets start right

The CSG Studios are abandoned in favor of the CSG kitchen as the guys fire up another tasty podcast. Nate visited the Pepsi Center on December 23rd for his third-ever Avalanche game and he complains about the cold environment; while Ross complains about how Nate disrespected him on the South Stands Denver Fancast last week ... it must have been a total misunderstanding.

The guys talk about the pros and cons of the Drew Brees record breaking performance over the weekend. The Broncos tough loss to the Buffalo Bills is disgusting or discussed rather. Nate claims the Bills Bronco'd the Broncos and Ross is enraged about Britton Colquitt being snubbed by the Pro-Bowl voters.

The Nuggets season opening blowout win over the Mavericks is mulled over and some extensive player breakdowns are given out. Ross wants to see Timofey Mozgov play more and he wants the Denver bigs to foul more - as a sign of the team's toughness.

And the guys bring out the Top 5 list - this week: Top 5 Holiday Sports Wishes. What makes the cut? A Nuggets NBA Finals appearance? A Broncos playoff berth? Come listen and find out!

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