Friday, January 6, 2012

CSG #22: Broncos Playoff Talk & Movie Mania

The guys sneak in a podcast towards the end of the week; things will be back to the normal Tuesday nights next week (Jan. 10th).

Steelers vs. Broncos talk dominates the beginning of the show and later in the show the guys put their money where their mouth is or uh, well, they make actual predictions on the score of the big game coming this Sunday (Jan. 8th). With the rash of Steelers injured, the guys think the Broncos have a chance to advance - homers? They are the Colorado Sports Guys for a reason.

In second segment, the guys talk Nuggets. Ross is disappointed in Nene's performance to start, Nate points out Arron Afflalo's slow start, but they both agree the team is in a good place. Ross asks for Nate's surprise players and about the season schedule itself.

To wrap things up, the guys read a couple reader emails. One from Rich in Rifle, Colorado and the other from Mark in Parker. One deals with other team's fans and the other about the three sports films that won Best Picture. And of course, the predictions on Steelers vs. Broncos.

Welcome to 2012 ...

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