Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CSG #23: The Benjamin Hochman Interview & Broncos Mania

Sure, Benjamin Hochman is a Nuggets expert, but the guys asked him to sit in and offer up his take on his other areas of expertise: The Legend of Tim Tebow, the best burgers in Denver, his take on hot wings, mustaches, and of course the Nuggets, as well.

How could the show not start by talking Broncos? Ross was unable to be at Mile High in person, but he explains why he had an advantage over the folks who watched on satellite or cable. Nate marvels at the ability of different players to step up, and Hochman fills the guys in on how George Karl's Pittsburgh fandom conflicted with his love of Colorado. The guys offer up predictions on Broncos vs. Patriots and the Colorado Guys take Denver, while Hochman tries not to rule out hope ...

But the real reason the guys had Hochman on the show was for his take on the Nuggets. The guys fire away with questions about George Karl's goatee (Evil George?), how player minutes are being divvied up, if the Nuggets have a translator for the international squad, the whole Star vs. Team debate, and much more.

As an added bonus: The Reporter vs. Blogger Challenge is played. Ross plays Ben Stein as Hochman and Timmons square off! ... what will the winner receive?

His articles on the Denver Post.

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