Monday, January 30, 2012

CSG #26: What if Billups was still in Denver?

The guys call an audible and decide to record on a Monday. There is just too much going on in Colorado sports not to jump in the CSG studios ...

The UFC had their second airing on Fox. The guys break down how the addition to a national network is going and they discuss the upcoming UFC 143 that will take place the day before the Super Bowl.

Jack Del Rio has been named the new defensive coordinator for the Broncos and the guys weigh in on if it was the right hire, the pros and cons to Del Rio, and Ross wants to discuss at length what the former Jaguars head coach will be wearing on the sidelines in Denver.

The Nuggets sideline man, George Karl, is discussed ... along with his surprising team and the team's stellar road record. Nate attended a game with Russ and Vicki Ray of (Nate Timmons, Jeff Morton, and Vicki Ray pictured above) and the guys talk about their unique relationship with the team and the positive role they play with interacting with various folks at the Pepsi Center.

The special segment this week is a new one as the, "What if of the Week..." is introduced. This week the guys discuss, "What if Chauncey Billups was still a Nugget..."

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