Monday, February 13, 2012

CSG #28: Who is the Smartest Stiff; Jeff, Andrew or Nate?

Ross and Nate welcome in the other two-thirds of Denver to chat about how the three came together to form their writing team, some talk about the current Nuggets season (the biggest issues facing the team), if Wilson Chandler can help the Nuggets, and of course The Blogger Challenge is back!

Ross devised a trivia game with so much history in it that the audio only podcast takes us back to a time where the television was just a glimmer in Philo Farnsworth's eye or for whoever actually invented the TV. The guys wage battle as names like Kenny Smith, Reggie Williams, Brian Williams, Bobby Jones, and Scott Hastings get shouted out. And the prize for this contest ... well, the guys handpicked CSG listeners that Tweeted the show via the hashtag #MozgovMilitia. Each Denver Stiff writer represented a listener and one won the Mozgov's Militia t-shirt. Listen now to find out who won and to learn some interesting tidbits of Nuggets history.

Also, is Tim Tebow really dating Katy Perry? And will Ross' favorite Broncos be back with the team next season? It's all in this week's episode.

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