Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CSG #29: We are Ruling Sports with Alicia Jessop

Grab your seat on the bus as we're traveling all around the sports landscape on this podcast. Alicia Jessop from Ruling Sports.com and Business of College Sports.com joins the show to help the guys break down some serious business.

After grilling Alicia on how she got started in the blogging world, the guys uncover some very interesting stories on some of Alicia's colleagues and interviewees. Like how she met Nathan Whitaker, co-author of Tim Tebow's book, "Through My Eyes." And she talks about meeting Olympic Gold Medalist Rafer Johnson at a volleyball tournament in California, where she had been trying to score an interview with Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love. Johnson's powerful story, and his character, clearly left a mark on Jessop and we were lucky enough to hear all about it. (Read that story about Rafer Johnson here.)

Other than forcing Alicia's to plug her various ESPN radio interviews, the guys also allow her to talk about going to Rockies Spring Training (for the second year in a row), their thoughts on Jim Tracy, and if the Rockies are trying to ruin local watering holes by having Opening Day on a Monday versus the end of the week or weekend.

Jessop is also an attorney, so the guys bounce some legal issues off her as well. Like the NFL and NBA age limits, paying college players, and getting Wilson Chandler out of his Chinese deal ASAP.

And be sure to listen to find out how to win a Mozgov's Militia T-shirt, as well.

(Pictured is Alicia Jessop and Rafer Johnson at Hermosa Beach, CA)

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