Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CSG #30: Avs make deadline moves, ebbs and flows of blogs

The guys call Cheryl Bradley from Mile High Hockey.com to ask about the two trade deadline deals the Avalanche made. Were the moves to make the team better, this season? And did the Avs win those trades? We get the full scoop from Bradley.

The guys venture into the comment sections of blogs, newspapers, and national websites to discuss the ebbs and flows of die-hard fans in good times and in bad. Ross asks Nate about being criticized as a blogger and all sorts of questions. A lot of the talk stemming from the heat George Karl has taken from commenters on Denver Stiffs.com.

Finally, Nate quizzes Ross about the NBA All-Star game. Which conference won? Who got their nose broken? Who was the nose breaker? And who won the dunk and three point contests. Ross' knowledge is pretty outstanding on these subjects, even though he thought Jeremy Bloom and Jeremy Evans were the same guy ...

Listen in.

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