Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CSG #31: Who are the top sports bad guys?

Podcast 31 rolls out and the guys get down to the business of Netflix, televisions, the Cheesecake Factory, anger sharks, and much more. Then they decide to talk sports too ...

Where should Peyton Manning go? Is it important to spend your career with one team in this day and age? Does anyone care where he goes? Because we're pretty sure Denver is not a possibility. Perrish Cox gets mentioned for the last time on the CSG program as the guys try to understand just what happened in that bizarre case and try to make sense of Cox's tweets about being found "not guilty".

Some Nuggets talk finds its way into the show as Ross asks why George Karl is still the coach? Nate tries to determine what players could be available at the trade deadline and Ross shares his thoughts on Nene and his contract.

And the return of the Top 5 List happens as the guys discuss the Top 5 Sports Bad Guys. Kobe Bryant gets a mention, along with O.J. Simpson, Rae Carruth, Derrick Fisher, and more.

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