Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CSG #34: Who can lead the Nuggets?

Episode 34 starts out with Nate talking about wanting to see Hunger Games and Ross reviews Gladiator, never mind that he calls it The Fighter more than 5 times.  Then the show gets down to some real Nuggets talk as Ross and Nate discuss who should be the leader of the team. Ross makes a case for hard working players being the best leaders, like Kenneth Faried as Nate looks at why Ty Lawson hasn't been a consistent floor general.

Can the Nuggets make a post-season run? Can George Karl even get his team there? The guys take a look at player rotations and what needs to be done to make the playoffs possible.

The Broncos brought in some luke-warm free agents, who could turn out to be better than expected. What would Peyton Manning need anyway? The guy can turn anyone into a pro-bowl receiver.

The Top 5 punishments for college coaches who don't fulfill their contracts are handed out.

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