Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CSG #36: Opening Day Blues, or Purples?

Do you smell that fresh cut grass? I bet you do because Opening Day at Coors Field happened this week and that fresh grass aroma has been floating all over Lower Downtown Denver aka LoDo. We should consider ourselves lucky not to smell the vomit that surely covered a good area of the LoDo sidewalks.

Well, the guys talk at length about Opening Day and your Rockies. Are the hardcore fans upset with the slow start? Do the casual fans like going to the ballpark above anything else? What can we expect out of this team and should we even care ...

The CSU football team is facing a little controversy up in Fort Fun or Fort Collins. Guilty before being proven innocent continues to be the cloud that hangs over every star laden headline. What role should head coach Jim McElwain play in the whole thing? Ross and Nate have to agree to disagree.

The Nuggets now have eight games left on the schedule and Danilo Gallinari is back, but Nate tries to explain why Denver fans should expect more out of their basketball team. And Ross is more than happy to question the Nuggets and their ownership's ways.

All that and a little bit more ... just click play!

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