Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CSG #44: Top 5 Stadium Foods and the LeBron Hype Machine

What does LeBron James get at games? Pizza!
Coming in hot with some new intro music the guys are talking Netflix, Las Vegas, and what not to stick to your car's rear window.

With the Celtics and Thunder both down 0-2 and now up 3-2 over the Heat and Spurs (OKC winning their series 4-2), Nate and Ross try to figure out who to root for in the NBA Finals. That leads to a lengthy discussion on LeBron James and how the guys will feel if he wins a championship.

Broncos rookie Derek Wolfe is excited about the upcoming NFL season and he's taking quite the liking to Twitter. #Teammule ... what is that?

Plus, the Top 5 is back again! This week ... The Top 5 Stadium Foods.

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