Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CSG #47: Duran Hill talking boxing, Kalen Deremo talking Nuggets

People might not see how the sweet science of boxing and basketball go together. Other than the referees and judges perhaps being crooked, they don't really mix. That's why we had two separate calls on this episode as Duran Hill of Sting Like a Bee Entertainment and Kalen Deremo of Roundball Mining Company join the show.

Hill shares his background with us - with his father and uncle both boxers, he was destined to get into the fight game. And being named after legendary boxer Roberto Duran, who his family knew, that just added fuel to his fire. He wanted to be the next Sugar Ray Leonard, but an accident derailed his promising career. But as one door closed, another opened as he got into the business side of boxing. The Denver Native is currently promoting a 7-match fight card on Friday, June 13th at the Exdo Event Center in Downtown Denver. For tickets, visit his webpage here. The card features some local talent that could soon burst onto the national scene.

On the national stage tomorrow night are your Denver Nuggets. Deremo, one of three contributors at RMC, dives deep into the NBA Draft with us. We go over the dream scenario of the Nuggets landing a lottery pick and just how high up that pick could be.

Please make a donation to help out with the Colorado Wildfire efforts. Visit Help Colorado to donate - that's where the Denver Broncos are asking people to donate as well. Play this episode after the jump.

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