Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CSG #50: Elvis Dumervil hopes Victoria can keep a Secret

What does Victora's Secret
have to do with Elvis Dumervil?
Denver attorney Scott Goldman of Goldman Law, LLC joins the show to help break down the felony charges against Elvis Dumervil. Should Broncos fans be worried about missing their defensive star? What will prosecutors have to prove? Just what did that Victoria's Secret employee see? Goldman has all the answers and he's got jokes too.

Ross and Nate also talk NBA Summer League as Timmons was in Las Vegas over the weekend as a member of the media getting some inside looks at the Nuggets. Chris Andersen is also discussed ... Marc Stein of ESPN had reported that Birdman would not be amnestied and that caused Nate to be quite confused and after the show, friend of the podcast, Benjamin Hochman reported that Birdman WOULD be amnestied.

Plus, what happens when Ross dressed up like Peyton Manning a few Halloweens ago? He almost got pummeled - that would never happen now, right?!? Listen to the episode after the jump.

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