Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CSG #52: Missy Franklin is too good for Justin Bieber

Missy Franklin not only won Gold, but she also got a
tweet from Justin Bieber, impressive stuff from the teenager.
As Ross would say, "lots to talk about" on this week's episode.

We are joined by Kirk Davis from the Mile High Report to talk Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Davis aka Kaptain Kirk has been in attendance at Dove Valley and brings us the inside scoop on all things Broncos. We even get to chat with him about how he got involved with blogging and specifically how he came to be a member of MHR.

Charlie Yao of Roundball Mining Company joins us from San Diego to talk Nuggets. Charlie was in Las Vegas covering the team during Summer League and offers up his take on Evan Fournier, team chemistry, and much much more.

And we couldn't leave the show without talking about the Olympics. Missy Franklin, of Colorado, has captured this state's attention and is having a remarkable Olympic run at just 17 years old. We also discuss the coverage of the games and our thoughts on beach volleyball outfits, men's synchronized swimming, and Ryan Lochte.
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