Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CSG #53: Leaving a tramp stamp on the Olympics

Can Kerri Walsh-Jennings and Misty May-Treanor
win Gold again? Stamp it!
Jeff Morton from Denver Stiffs comes in studio for a plethora of sports talk and of course some movie/TV talk.

We're diving into the Broncos Summer Camp ... or Training Camp, the charges being dropped against Elvis Dumervil, and why did 40,000-plus attend the first Broncos scrimmage at Sports Authority Field? The short answer is Peyton Manning, the long answer is Peyton Manning. 

If the city is talking about the Rockies, does it matter if that talk is good or bad? The team is on the mind of many in the city and state, but will things ever change down at Coors Field? Morton delved into the Rockies in his latest piece on Stiffs, The Nuggets, the Rockies, and the benefits of good ownership

The "back-9" of the show is dedicated to some Olympic talk (specifically women's volleyball), pop-culture talk, UFC 150 where Benson Henderson (Colorado Springs) and Ed Herman (Fort Collins) will be making separate appearances, some 1990's hoops talks comes out as the old Bulls and Rockets teams are discussed and the legendary 1996 Bulls vs. Nuggets game, and of course some movie/TV talk. 

And if you like the grassroots style stuff like podcasts, then you have to check out the guys at FND Films.

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