Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CSG #54: Nuggets title window in 2015?

Andre Igoudala: a welcome addition to the Denver Nuggets
Tonight we were joined in-studio by Matt Moore from CBS Sports.com's basketball blog Eye On Basketball, NBC Sports.com's ProBasketballTalk, and ESPN True Hoop Network site Hardwood Paroxysm. If you can't tell by that resume, Mr. Moore is one busy guy.

Matt takes us on his journey to becoming a full-time blogger and that story starts in a bar or in Arkansas ... just click play to hear his sorted sordid story. We also get Moore's take on the Denver Nuggets and it is a must listen for all of Nuggets Nation. He'll tell you when he thinks the Nuggets could contend for a title, what he thinks of the Andre Iguodala trade, just what the Nuggets are building, and how they stack up in the Western Conference. This is the best Nuggets talk you are going to get - bar none.

We also talk Broncos and Peyton Manning. Ross vents about preseason football and Nate finds a way to circle back to hoops talk to compare the NFL and NBA and more specifically, the Broncos and Nuggets.

And we can't leave without some movie talk and getting Matt's favorite sports flicks on record!

Enjoy the podcast and be sure to follow Matt's work. He's new to Colorado, so be sure to drop him a line and let him know some Colorado-musts. I think we just made up another word "Coloradomusts".

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