Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CSG #55: How much will getting kicked out of Mile High stadium cost you?

A Maurice Jones-Drew and Jack Del-Rio reunion in Denver?
Ross and Nate fly as a duo in the CSG studio this week. Ross reveals his love of The Grateful Dead's Touch of Grey, and Nate talks about a Knocked Up sequel that isn't really a sequel.

Would Maurice Jones-Drew be a good addition to the Denver Broncos? The guys discuss the 27 year-old running back's pros and cons, which leads to a discussion on what position upgrades, if any, the Broncos might need. Plus, be sure to find out what happens this season down at Mile-High when you get tossed out of a game, it's going to cost you $75 and your precious time. 

Some piping-fresh Rockies talk - Ross is disappointed in the false advertising of "microbrews" down at Coors Field and he's also disappointed that he can't recognize any faces playing baseball for the home squad. 

Plus, Augusta National admits two women into membership of their prestigious golf course - Nate thinks the women should have turned their backs on the invitation and Ross feels private business can do as they please, but thinks this is a good thing. 

All this and a little bit more, just a click or a download away!

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