Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CSG #56: France hates Lance Armstrong?

Arianny Celeste didn't get to
 work UFC 151, we all suffered.
The CSG guys are back, as usual! This time they talk with Fraser Coffeen from Bloody Elbow.com about the cancellation of UFC 151. Who is to blame? Can Jon Jones bounce back from the heat he is taking? Did Chael Sonnen know something was up with teammate Dan Henderson weeks earlier than announced? Coffeen answers all our questions and tells us how he got into writing about Mixed Martial Arts - a not so usual route.

Lance Armstrong chose not to defend himself against the allegations being lobbed at him in witch-hunt fashion. Who is going to stick up for our American Hero? We are.

Nate breaks down Mark Titus' book, "Don't Put Me In, Coach" and discusses the famous disses in the text. Including Titus' thoughts on current Nuggets center Kosta Koufos, an Ohio State man. Ross reads some of Andrew Martin's thoughts on defeating Josh Beckett and the Los Angeles Dodgers, from Purple Row.com. And the guys try to find some Broncos chatter that doesn't involved Peyton Manning throwing his first touchdown passes ... Jeremiah Johnson anyone?!?

From the Show:

Crazy Broncos toaster - it's puts the Broncos logo on your BREAD! Click here.

Marching Powder - South American Scarface? Perhaps! Click here.

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