Thursday, December 6, 2012

CSG #82: Gamblers on the Storm NFL Pick 'Em Week 14

The Redskins will need a big week out of their
cheerleaders to get a win over the Ravens. 
How Ross Martin is still agreeing to pick games is beyond his co-host's comprehension. With just four weeks of picks left, it will take a mighty comeback for Ross to get the lead back. You could say he's Colorado State and down 20 at the half to Nate Timmons (Colorado). But this comparison makes little to no sense as Ross is the CU guy and Nate the CSU guy.

Point being ... Ross needs some help. So, Jeff Morton joined us for the picks this week in an attempt to throw Nate out of his rhythm. Click play to see if it will work ...

Week 13 Results: 
Ross: 8-8
Nate: 11-5

Overall Standings: 
Ross: 109-82
Nate: 124-67

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