Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NFL Week 1 observations: The NFL is looking more like college

Here's my new Tuesday CSG column, random observations about the week gone by in the NFL. This week I discuss the evolution of NFL offenses and why Tim Tebow doesn't have a job.

Here comes your dispatch from way up north in Thornton ...
- How many teams are now running the read/option offense in the NFL? How many teams are running a variation of the famous "pistol" offense popularized by the University of Oklahoma? How many NFL teams are truly embracing their inner collegiate athlete and channeling their inner wishbone? Well, maybe not that far.

After watching Chip Kelly run the same offense we saw in his years at the University of Oregon, I have come to the conclusion the old bromide of "you can't run that offense in the pros" is a bunch of hogwash. With the San Fransisco 49'ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and others running some variation of the college read/option attack I've come to the realization that with the recent emphasis on all things quarterback ... the NFL has found its fountain of youth. Additionally with the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and others running some variation of the pistol (ie: a nifty other name for the old run and shoot offense) you might as well roll out Boomer Sooner every time a touchdown is scored.

What does this all mean? Not much. Its part and parcel to the NFL's quarterback-centric turn. It just so happens that athletic, running quarterbacks fit the read/option - and precise quarterbacks fit the pistol. It's fun to watch but it leaves you breathless with the relentless pace. How will NFL defenses adjust to such relentless offenses?

- I know this is anathema in Denver, but with so many offenses running the read/option now ... why doesn't Tim Tebow have a job? Isn't that the offense he ran at Florida? This leads me to believe the circus that surrounds Tebow, and the zealotry he causes has worn NFL teams down. They no longer want to put up with the distraction even to profit from his jersey sales.

I have severe issue some of Tebow's stances. His followers are so fanatical that they can bury you. Just ask us in Denver and what we experienced from 2010-2011. Irrational behavior. Billboards. Constant unrelenting pressure from outside forces. It crushed Kyle Orton and Mark Sanchez ... and you can't blame teams for throwing in the towel on Tebow.

However, Blaine Gabbert has a job in this league. Ryan Fitzpatrick somehow still has a job as a backup. With so many teams going for offenses that fit Tebow's obvious strengths, you would have to believe that eventually there will be a job forthcoming to him. Once the circus leaves town that is.

- Since Gamblers on the Storm started at the beginning of the 2012 Football season, that particular podcast has grown in popularity. We have decided to incorporate a contest with this season's picks. We will announce what the prize will be in the next couple weeks. In the meantime choose which CSG host will win this year's GOTS (Nate Timmons, Ross Martin or Jeff Morton). Tweet @colosportsguys to participate with your pick. Deadline to get your pick in ends September 23rd and the prize for the end of the season will be announced on the podcast of the 17th. Please, along with your pick, send what you think the Broncos point total will be by the end of the regular season. The closest one will win the tie-breaker and thus the prize (this is mandatory). The prize will be pretty swanky, sorry to keep it a mystery, but it will be well worth it!

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