Monday, September 16, 2013

NFL Week 2 Observations: Broncos, Seahawks look on collision course

One team is blowing people out with sheer offensive might not seen in some time. The other team has a fantastic defense and a young dynamic quarterback.

Seems like they are destined to meet head on.

Here comes your dispatch from way up north in soggy, partially flooded Thornton ...

- The Denver Broncos managed to both methodically and explosively destroy the New York Giants over the course of the third and fourth quarters of Sunday's impressive 41 - 23 in the Medowlands. What is stunning was, if it wasn't for a Montee Ball fumble into the end-zone when the Broncos were on their first drive of the contest, the game likely would have been a blowout from the start.

This team has a juggernaut feel to them. The last time I had that feeling about a Denver team was the 1998 squad that won John Elway his second super bowl. While it feels good right now, they definitely need to shore up some things - particularly with their deep coverage on pass plays. While it will be helped by the return of Champ Bailey, it is a bit concerning that the team often loses coverage in deep outs to the sideline. Additionally, the team still can't get consistent pressure with their front 4, and this is an obvious issue related to the absence of Von Miller. When he gets back from suspension in week 7 it will be a welcome sight.

As for the offense? Any complaints about that unit would be merely nit-picking. Sure, we wish Wes Welker and Eric Decker would, you know, catch the ball more consistently. However, Decker did end up with 9 catches and Welker did have a touchdown. So it's all good. Meanwhile Knowshon Moreno reached back and dug deep. Two sweep toss touchdowns in the game and hard running cemented his role as the starting running back for this team. The offensive execution, when it becomes flawless, will be so good and pure that they will sell it on the black market in place of Walter White's methamphetamine. It's THAT good.

- Meanwhile, up in the great northwest the Seattle Seahawks are 2-0 and just got through dispatching the San Fransisco 49ers 29-3 and it wasn't that close. The 49ers were never in the game and it seemed they were intimidated by the overly physical (ummm ... some would say slightly overly enthusiastic bordering on insufferably cocky) play. With Russell Wilson breaking down the Niners defense, and Colin Kaepernick being rendered completely useless it was a veritable walk in the park for the Seahawks.

As of Week 2 it seems almost inevitable that the Broncos and Seahawks, former division rivals, will meet in the Super Bowl. Obviously alot can change in the interim, but the Broncos offense can only get better (scary thought) and the Seahawks defense can only get better. Sure, the Hawks defense appears to be kind of dirty. Sure, they have their new Brian Bosworth in the form of Richard Sherman. Sure, when you look at Pete Carroll you can't help but think about the wreckage he left at USC. Whatever, it seems like there is a collision course happening in the form of Denver vs. Seattle in the Super Bowl.

At least, after Week 2. Get back to me in a week and maybe things will change.

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