Saturday, December 21, 2013

Battle of the Birds!! Gamblers on the Storm Week 16 NFL Pick 'Em

Well hey there! Happy Holidays to EVERYONE from Nate Timmons, Ross Martin and yours truly. It's been another amazing year of GOTS, and our contest is coming right down to the wire. Thanks to everyone who has listened to the CSG podcast since the beginning, and to those who are new fans we hope that you have found us both entertaining and uninformative. Because ... you know. We guarantee 100% inaccuracy

Rough week for Ross Martin, as he lost the overall lead to Jeff Morton.

Jeff - 9-7 (138-86)
Ross - 5-11 (137-87)
Nate - 7-9 (130-94)

On with the picks!

Let's get right into it ...


Miami at Buffalo: Everyone takes Miami

Minnesota at Cincinnati: Everyone takes Cincinnati

Indianapolis at Kansas City: Ross and Jeff take the Colts. Nate takes the Chiefs

Tampa at St. Louis: Jeff and Nate take the Rams. Ross takes the Bucs

Cleveland at NY Jets: Jeff and Nate take the Jets. Ross takes the Browns

Dallas at Washington: Everyone takes the Cowboys

New Orleans at Carolina: Everyone takes Carolina

Tennessee at Jacksonville: Nate and Jeff take the Titans. Ross takes JACKSONVILLE!

Denver at Houston: Everyone takes Denver...DUH!

Arizona at Seattle: Everyone takes Seattle

NY Giants at Detroit: Everyone takes Detroit

Pittsburgh at Green Bay: Nate and Jeff take the Steelers. Ross takes the Packers

Oakland at San Diego: Everyone takes the Chargers

New England at Baltimore: Ross and Jeff take the Ravens. Nate takes the Patriots

Chicago at Philadelphia: Everyone takes the Bears


Atlanta at San Fransisco: Everyone takes the 49ers

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