Saturday, December 28, 2013

Battle of the Birds! Gamblers on the storm Week 17 NFL pick em

This is the final week of Gamblers on the Storm. It is all coming down to the wire. Winners will be announced after the season, prizes will be given out after the Super Bowl. Can you feel the excitement? It's been a great season of GOTS and Ross Martin, Nate Timmons and myself would like to thank all of you for making it such a success!

Picks and results after the jump

Slight correction from last week. I was one game off on Timmons' tabulation. Here are the updated results as of last week. After a brief stay at the top of the rankings, I have reclaimed my rightful place in the overall lead.

Week 15 saw Ross go 5-11 (137-87), Jeff 9-7 (138-86) and Nate 7-9 (130-94)
 Week 16: 

Jeff: 11-5 now 149-91
Ross: 7-9 now 144-96
Nate: 11-5 now 141-99
Week 17 picks:

Carolina at Atlanta: Everyone takes Carolina

Green Bay at Chicago: Everyone takes the Bears

Baltimore at Cincinnati: Nate and Ross take Cincinnati. Jeff takes Baltimore

Philadelphia at Dallas: Jeff and Nate take Philly. Ross takes the Cowboys

Houston at Tennessee: Everyone takes Tennessee

Jacksonville at Indianapolis: Everyone takes the Colts

Cleveland at Pittsburgh: Everyone takes Pittsburgh

NY Jets at Miami: Everyone takes Miami

Detroit at Minnesota: Everyone takes Detroit

Buffalo at New England: Everyone takes New England

Tampa at New Orleans: Everyone takes New Orleans

Washington at NY Giants: Nate and Ross take the Giants. Jeff stupidly takes the Redskins

San Fransisco at Arizona: Nate and Ross take the Cards. Jeff takes the 49ers

Kansas City at San Diego: Everyone takes the Chargers

St. Louis at Seattle: Everyone takes the Seahawks

Denver at Oakland: Everyone takes Denver

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