Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CSG #200: Broncos running, Nuggets sputtering

The 200th episode! We've come a long way since Nate dreamed up having his own podcast on his lonesome drives from Casper, WY to Denver. A chance meet up with Ross at Washington Park turned those dreams into a reality and the addition of Jeff has turned the show into what it is today. 

In a likely scenario, Ross is working while Nate and Jeff are joined by Christopher "Don't Call Me Chris" Dempsey of the Denver Post to talk Rockies trades, Johnny Football starting, Cam Newton's car accident, and much more. 

As we usually do when Dempsey joins the show, we go in depth on the Nuggets and we think we also converted Dempsey to the Orange and Blue! Enjoy the show!

Check out this episode!

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