Friday, July 31, 2015

Announcement: Colorado Sports Guys Video Upgrade Go Fund Me!

As many of you know, we at Colorado Sports Guys began a YouTube channel over a year ago. Each subsequent video has been a bit of a labor of love for us here and as we mentioned on the last podcast, we would like to take this to a whole different level.

Announcing the CSG Video Go Fund Me project. Essentially we are looking for funds to upgrade our video/editing/sound equipment so we can give you guys the best Denver Nuggets practice/pre and post game/interview coverage on the web. We want to kick this up several notches, and quite frankly as charming as our iphone videos are they need too look MUCH better.

We are asking for your help, visit the link below to donate (if you can) toward this cause and we will be forever grateful. If we meet our goal we will invest every bit of it in upgrading the equipment and maybe we will have a nice surprise for your at the conclusion of the campaign.

Thanks to everyone. Even if you can't contribute, you have made CSG what it is today!

Colorado Sports Guys Go Fund Me donation page

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