Monday, May 9, 2016

CSG Video Flashback: Justise Winslow Nuggets workout 2015

Ah now we get to the controversial one.

In June of 2015 Justise Winslow, small forward/defensive specialist from Duke worked out for the Denver Nuggets, and while it was typical of a usual "public portion" workout, it is notable for several things which could have affected negative public perception of the former Duke player.

1. Winslow looked completely gassed. Took several breaks during the workout and at one point leaned against a wall ... notably laboring.
2. He missed a ton of shots.
3. He missed both of his dunks.

Also Winslow's post-workout scrum with reporters was odd. He reacted badly to some questions posed, and all in all his (public) workout for the media was odd. However, he has turned into quite the productive rookie for the Miami Heat and I'm willing to chalk up Winslow's showing as a bit of an anomaly.

You be the judge.

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