Monday, September 26, 2016

CSG Video Podcast: Connelly, Kroenke and Malone Nuggets media day Presser

Lookie here! 2016 Denver Nuggets Media Day is here.

There will be a follow up video in CSG What's Happening in the coming days, in the meantime we will start off with the complete Media Day press conference from today. Denver Nuggets Governor Josh Kroenke, General Manager Tim Connelly and Head Coach Michael Malone sat down and took questions over a myriad of topics. Included therein.

Nuggets chances this season
Team Development
Who is the Nuggets starting 4?
Will the Nuggets have a D League team?
Will the Nuggets invest in an up to date practice facility?
What kind of lineups the Nuggets may use this season?
Dikembe Mutombe Jersey Retirement

This one is 37 minutes long. Be sure and invest some time in listening to the entire presser as it is a fascinating journey through many different subjects. Highlights from the whole of media day coming in the next couple days on CSG What's Happening.


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