Tantra in Prague – 7 questions and answers about this sensual procedure

Before anything, you may ask yourself – tantra in Prague? How does this ancient Indian procedure fit in with the Czech capital? Well, to put it simply, it is a staple feature in one of the many erotic massage parlours that have sprung up in the city in recent years. While one could devote whole books to this relatively recent and captivating industry, let us, for now, focus on the tantric procedure that is, apparently, a very integral and sought-after part of it.

Tantra in Prague – what is it, anyway?

In case you’re still struggling to imagine how a tantra works, here is a quick overview that should paint the basic picture:

  •   What we understand by tantra in this context is actually a massage fusing the ancient Indian techniques and philosophical approaches with some of the modern physiotherapeutic procedures.
  •   This kind of massage also features a degree of erotic stimulation and a “happy ending” is almost always part of it. Direct sex though, is not featured in erotic massage parlours in Prague – every sensation is achieved solely by hand.
  •   You can look forward to a genuine, full-body rubdown, delivered in a gentle and caring way that makes you feel worthy and appreciated. Your emotional well-being is just as important as the physical one in tantra!

With that said, how can you book?

Booking is typically done via a phone or an email – just announce the time of your visit in advance – quite often, you can do that on a very short notice (15-30 minutes or so) and the parlour staff will prepare everything for your arrival. The other option is to choose an outcall and let your masseuse come to you to your home or a hotel room.

Do you get to pick your own therapist?

Of course – most parlours will have their own gallery of attractive masseuses to choose from. You can do so in advance while booking, or just go with whoever is available at the spot. That may be great if you wish to acquaint yourself with your therapist prior to your procedure and see if you “click”.

Is it necessary to bring anything with you?

No, not at all – just the correct amount for your massage (preferably in cash) + something for a little tip if you wish to be courteous (more on that later). All the necessary equipment will be provided by the parlour.

Is there any dress code?

No, there is not – you will soon be naked anyway, so you don’t have to come in a suit. Just wear whatever is comfortable – and easy to undress.

Will you be completely naked the whole time?

Since it’s an erotic massage, you will be naked at least some of the time, of course… But if you’re really shy or overly conscious of your body (the latter is actually getting quite common, unfortunately), you may choose to cover yourself with a towel or a sheet. Your therapist will adapt to whatever feels comfortable to you, no worries!

What about tipping etiquette?

Tipping is not required, but always welcome in the Czech Republic. But if you were satisfied with what you got, you should leave your therapist some extra money – anything around 10% is great. Remember that she is paid only the fraction of the actual procedure costs, so any extra tip will be welcome. And should you come again, she may make you feel her appreciation more tangibly…

That was a short introduction to the marvellous world of tantra massage, which has made an inroad into Prague as well. Let’s hope you’ve found it useful – and are perhaps ready to experience it yourself as well!

Would you be willing to try this procedure as well? If not, why? If you’re in a relationship, would you consider an erotic massage as cheating or not? And what’s the appropriate amount to tip according to you? Leave a comment below!