Do You Know What An ‘Escort’ Is

An “escort” is a paid companion, that is, a woman who is paid by a client to attend meetings, parties, outings in the city, etc. Recruitment may or may not include sex. In some countries, these types of women – or men – are also known as “company ladies.” In most cases, the client of this service seeks above all the feeling of superiority that provides being accompanied  phoenix escorts by a woman with a high level of education and an excellent presence. In recent years this phenomenon has crossed gender boundaries, and there are more and more male escorts

The stigma that explains this profession

As we have seen, both prostitution and the practice of escorts belong to the field of sex workers. However, what it says more about what an escort is a fact that it is a service raised simply to differentiate itself from prostitution, an area in which there is a great diversity of practices without the need for each person to distinguish using A different label to explain your work. That is, technically, between the work of a prostitute and an escort, there are no differences that cannot be found between two random sex workers. The difference between these two professions has to do with classism. Basically, the escort is a person passed through a marketing filter that keeps out all the elements of prostitution linked to poverty: precariousness, ignorance, etc. This makes the stigma linked to prostitution perpetuate (for something the only way to escape from it is not to be a low class) phoenix escorts, and at the same time, it serves to give the feeling that the escort has had total freedom when accepting and reject clients, something that brings her closer to a real couple.

What are the main differences between an escort and a prostitute

What is an escort?

Although there are currently many escorts who practice prostitution, initially, this “trade” was born oriented to accompaniment. That is people without a partner or with her, to attend events such as meetings or dinners of friends, pay women branded by society as spectacular, to pretend to be their partner. It was a very normal habit, especially decades ago, where people of great purchasing power with the sole goal of showing a pretty woman as if it were a trophy, they hired their services to tell the world how beautiful their partner was. Today, the term escort is also used on different websites to refer to luxury prostitutes, although the definition of a prostitute would be as follows.